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“No matter how you think about sex work from a moral perspective sex work is something that is being done and no matter that your reasons are for doing this job, if you do it you are a real human just like anyone else who does any other job,” Luhrs tells “But we often don't look at sex work like that, we often problematise it.” Luhrs joined the group as it was fighting against a proposed law in the Netherlands parliament that would see sex workers sent to jail for six months if they worked without a license.

“There were no sex workers involved in the process.

Selling sex and running brothels are legal in the Netherlands, however the details of laws around the country can make the day-to-day lives of sex workers tough, explains Yvette Luhrs, who is an adult film actress, a webcam performer and member of the Proud union.

The group, which has been running for around three years, fights for the rights of those who sell sex, work in strip clubs, in adult films, perform phone sex, and appear on cam sites.

Luhrs and the team at Proud also offer practical advice for sex workers to combat issues which arise due to the stigma attached to the job. “Policy makers think we should be visible but on the other we have stigma holding us down.As well as fighting for sex workers’ rights in Holland, Proud are defending those in other countries and helping researchers to understand how conditions differ in countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.Asked if Luhrs is a feminist, she says of course she is - and her works speaks for itself.John Apesos: “Geavanceerde stadsboerderijen bieden steden de mogelijkheid vers voedsel, zeer lokaal en het gehele jaar door te verbouwen, de salades en kruiden worden in eerste aanleg op bestelling geteeld voor restaurants in Amsterdam”.Pim Evers , oprichter van de Hannekes Boom , Vergulden Eenhoorn , en vele andere populaire restaurants is onderdeeel van de adviesraad van Grow X: “Vertical Farming biedt ongekende mogelijkheden voor Amsterdam en vele andere steden over de hele wereld.

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