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This epiphany led to more research and her new book called the According to Mc Closkey and a growing body of research, we can all learn something from the wanton women of Wisteria Lane on ABC's hit comedy Desperate Housewives who bed-hop in and out of their marriages and all have rather exceptional figures."It begins with thinking sexy thoughts and making sex a priority," she says of her sex diet.

People also eat more when they are lonely, and often people involved in loving sexual relationships are not lonely, he tells Web MD.

Raise your arms to the ceiling and lean back while maintaining pelvic contact. No doubt about it, "sex is good exercise," says Laura Berman, Ph D, LCSW, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago, and director of the Berman Center.

"It gets your heart rate up even if you are not having extremely acrobatic sex," she tells Web MD.

"Since it's free and so much fun, I've found making love is the ultimate exercise machine." More than just sex, Mc Closkey also suggests toning exercises including the "Elvis Pelvis" to help readers and their partners think sexy.

To do this move, stand naked facing your partner and press your pelvises together for balance.

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