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" 'Everyone thinks it's because I'm too fussy, too demanding,' she says, attacking her fillet of pollock.'But I won't compromise.' That may make Sandi sound demanding - one of those women who want a man to have the whole package: looks, money, seductive charm and the body of Brad Pitt.

Last Wednesday he was putting an old kitchen table on e Bay to sell, when he suddenly decided to put his mum up for auction as well.

" ' Poor Sandi, she's really been through the dating wringer.

Then she turns to me and says: 'You wouldn't go out with people like that, would you?

But no, she says she just wants an old-fashioned type of chap who makes an effort to look nice, is well-groomed and has old-fashioned manners.

'I want a man who holds a door open for a lady', she says.

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