Dating a biker chick

and yes, i know, sh|t happens, life has no guarantees, people get struck my lightning, yadda yadda, and all the other ways riders rationalize the added danger they choose.

if i found out this was important to a woman i was dating and she had hidden it, i'd feel deceived.

It was also suggested that I rewrite my profile and not mention anything about motorcycles then I might attract a professional man.

I am not willing to rewrite, I am who I am, there must be someone other than a biker who is ok with a woman who wants to ride...........suggestions or comments. Well, OP, I might, hypothetically, be interested in you.

The only concern that, perhaps, the 50 men might have, in terms of an 89 year old lady riding with them, would be safety.

As any long-terms biker can attest to, it's not all about riding on a two lane highway, with milk cows looking on in pure contentment.

Aside from the sarcasm, little has changed in profile in my year here except for; First 6 months - wrote about going for my bike license, interested in motorbikes, etc.

Last 6 months - removed motorcycle talk as it was suggested in a thread I read in the spring about bikes being a turn off because of the bad boy image, danger, etc.

I would like to ask "only this" why he, as a professional man would say that by my mentioning a motorcycle in my profile would be an instant pass........would you pass - very curious...........thanksthanks to others for your great responses........ Best park your bike at the old folks home and hope for the best.sorry.At the other end of the scale, age would also matter.So, if biking is a serious consideration for you, well, it's certainly a "limiting" factor in terms of "fishes."i'm thinking the op's stated age is a typo or other mistake.OPIt's good that you stated your preferential age at 50 to 62.I do own a bike and have not come across ANY men in their 80s riding a bad ass bike, for that matter, even in their mid to late 70s.

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