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So by using similar reasoning that the cup would have been manufactured and inscribed within 25-30 years of the second bout, he came up with a time span of 1825-1840, and then split the range with an estimated date of 1832 ( /-).So my estimate dated the piece between 18, and Steve estimated between 18. (Although, I must admit that Steve’s estimate was based on much more sound, scientific principles.) For normal people, this would probably have been sufficient – but I still had a couple of issues.Prior to that, the preferred format was (m/d/y), the same format currently preferred in the United States, and also the same format shown on the cup.So, mystery solved – there is no problem with the date format, on the cup, being used in Great Britain during the era indicated!Feeling a degree of doubt, due these two elements within the inscription, I decided to request some insight from across the pond. He found an article online at which discussed the various date and time formats favored.

The cup has two handles and appears to be made out of Britannia Metal, with the so-called “broken handle” (AKA the “double c” or “double scroll”) style handles.References: “British Pewter & Britannia metal for pleasure and investing” by Christopher A Peal “Pewter Wares From Sheffield” by Jack L. Go to the web site for “Stein Collector’s International” and click on “Stein Talk”, someone there might help you.An oversize ‘quart’ bud baluster measure with no marks dating c1720-60.Detail The inscription on the Cup for Tom Molineaux refers to him as “The Negro.” It is my impression that throughout English speaking Europe, “Tom Molineaux ‘The Moor,’” would be the description more likely used. Also, the date format on the cup uses the month first, and next the date, followed by the year (April 8th, 1807).It is my observation that Great Britain uses a format showing the date first, with the month second, followed by the year (8 April, 1807).

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