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Make sure that the authoritative name server listed in the NS record can be contacted to request queries by typing the following: server Next, query the server for any name for which it is authoritative.

If these tests are successful, the NS record points to the correct hostname, and the hostname has the correct IP address associated with it.

Note During the following test, if you have not configured a reverse lookup zone and PTR resource record for the DNS server you are querying, you might see several time-outs. To verify that SRV resource records are registered for the domain controller The following example shows a full Nslookup session, used to verify SRV resource records that are registered for locating two domain controllers on a network.To make sure your reverse lookup zones and PTR resource records are configured correctly When you use third-party DNS servers to support Active Directory, you can verify the registration of domain controller locator resource records.If the server does not support dynamic update, you need to add these records manually.For more information about adding a reverse lookup zone, see "Adding a Reverse Lookup Zone" earlier in this chapter.You can also use Nslookup to verify that the reverse lookup zones and PTR resource records are configured correctly.

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