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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is primarily a nonlinear editing system designed for fast cutting of multiple media types, but it is also an advanced special effects and compositing tool.In this course, master editor Maxim Jago describes the tools and options available to create complex compositions using just Premiere Pro, without involving After Effects or Photoshop.Inline Setting2=Oblique Inline Pattern2=test string We are searching for the phrase "test string", and applying the Oblique style to it.Inline Setting3=Underline Inline Pattern3=test string We are searching for the same phrase "test string", and applying the Underline style to it. Inline Setting4=Size | 17 Inline Pattern4=(\d\d\d) We are capturing any parts of the string that are three consecutive numeric digits.This will change the font Face of the word "blue" to Segoe Script.

That will change the Weight of the word "This" at the start of the string to Bold.Logical OR and AND matching can be done in the regular expression, using the option.If using a measure value as a section variable in the option, the : Escape Reg Exp modifier can be used to properly escape reserved characters in the measure. Set Option bang is being used to dynamically "turn off" and "turn on" an Inline Pattern, Using that string defined in [Measure String], let's look at each of our Inline Setting / Inline Pattern options.This will change the font Size of both "123" and "456" to 17.Inline Setting5=Color | 255,97,97,255 Inline Pattern5=colors like (.*) and We are capturing the part of the string that is after "colors like ", and before " and".

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The full range of PCRE regular expression functionality is supported, so the pattern can match on all or part of the meter's string value.

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