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: brookesystomatic, hydromatic, ultromatic: christine im very sorry player one: friendly reminder to jeremy heere that he needs 2 take his binder off player two: ugggggg GGGGHHHHH player one: friendly reminder to richard goranski that if hes still wearing his binder he needs 2 take it off player two: how come you just assume im still in my binder but u ask if rich is wearing his? player one: damn BEST BI: thanks michael but i took it off when i got to the gym! player two: its more likely than you think player one: shut the fuck up jeremy BEST BI: ??? compression bras are good for me bc A) i have asthma B) im very pudgy so my tits just kinda look like theyre part of my fat so its all good. : jwreremy heere player one: p L EASE wrow: jwrowremy heere BEST BI: asmdfhbeiosa;' player one: hey guys im breaking up with jeremy and its ur fault.theres no way im working out in a binder lmao BEST BI: also i assume you're already out of yours but take it off too if you aren't! player one: C) i think probably bc im so pudgy i dont have super bad chest dysphoria? player two: n O wrow: cool i dont care Ive never played mystic messenger?As we head to the registration desk to pick up our name tags, we walk past several groups of people gathered at tables in the gaming area. We soon realize that karaoke isn't much fun when you're sober, and after hearing an ear-piercingly horrid rendition of "American Pie," we decide it's time for a drink. Admittedly, Greg and I don't know much about the furries. I'll settle for just getting scritched -- an affectionate ritual in which one fursuiter runs his or her claws down the back of another. But if they are present at this convention, they're not making themselves known -- much to our disappointment. We didn't wear full-body fursuits, but since most attendees don't either, we don't feel out of place. Greg is slightly creeped out, but I want a souvenir, so I purchase a drawing of a naked cat lying spread-eagle on a bed, playing with a ball of yarn. After shopping, we decide to kill some time in the Horsebrutality Suite, which is furry-speak for the hospitality room, where conventiongoers can score free drinks and snacks.They're playing card games that look like "Magic: The Gathering." It dawns on us that we are surrounded by nerds -- the kind of people you'd probably see at Mid-South Con, the local convention of hackers, Trekkies, and anime freaks. A volleyball game is under way in the garden court. Cheetahs and tigers hit an oversized fuzzy pink and purple volleyball over a net to foxes and rabbits and bears, who scramble to hit it back. Expecting to see these same fuzzy animals attempting to sing "Bootylicious" in full costume, I'm a bit disappointed to find that most of the karaoke participants are people dressed in street wear. There's a bar in the hotel, but we opt for the nearest convenience store to buy a couple of 24-ounce beers. We've read FAQ sheets on furry Web sites and articles in newspapers and magazines, but what really drives these people to dress and act like animals? Over the course of Saturday afternoon, we get a closer look at these odd characters. We wander into the "dealers' den," the room where vendors are peddling everything from tails and ears to chain-mail belts and stuffed plushy animals. It's run by a few men from Tsarus, a local gay Levis/leather club.As we enter the lobby, it appears that I have the right idea.While some guests are dressed in full-body fursuits (faux fur, by the way), most are dressed in jeans and T-shirts, with a tail hanging behind. She isn't dressed like a horse, but it's definitely a sure sign that we're in furry land. He's joined me on this journey in hopes of getting, or at least witnessing, some furry action. His portfolio could easily be right out of Playboy, if it weren't for all of the tails and whiskers.

There are no straws, but Greg hands him a coffee stirrer.: oh my fucking god jeremy player one: michaelplayer two: jeremy BEST BI: rich Ive never played mystic messenger? player one: JWREREMY HEERE I SWEAR TO GOD BEST BI: jwreremy heere player two: jwreremy heere Ive never played mystic messenger?: Jennawrow: Jakei lohst my valentine: chloeim gonna smooch my gf!!! player one: ...player one: u wore ur binder 2 sports day player two: um pics or it didnt happen? : jwreremy heere player one: guys systomatic, hydromatic, ultromatic: jwreremy heere player one: christine please ive lohst my valentine: jwreremy heere im gonna smooch my gf!!!Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed with childhood enthusiasm. I begin to wish that one of the players would wave at me or give me a lollipop or something. One girl has signed up to sing Meredith Cole's "Bitch." When the emcee calls her up, he says, "I thought you were a mare. We drive back to the hotel lot and drink up in the car. We're just in time for the "Shake Your Paws" dance. Through various conversations and workshops, we learn that furries are fans of anthropomorphic art, which features animal subjects with human features. Others, like the folks we see playing card games and gaming online in the Internet room, are into role-playing as anthropomorphic figures in cyberspace. At one booth, we see evidence that there are some furverts at the convention. We munch on chips and salsa and sing along to the fabulous dance mixes they're playing.Unfortunately, the theme of the convention dance is 1950s rock-and-roll, which no one seems to be able to dance to. Obviously, these guys have better taste than whoever was coordinating the music for last night's dance.

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: OHHHHHH i cant believe u just got ROASTED by our local JAKE DILLINGER player two: baby please im sorry player two: i love u player two: ill do anything u want player one: anything?

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