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That’s fair enough if you’re comfortable with sharing that additional information with Facebook – we just didn’t like their wording which gives users the impression that there’s something seriously wrong with how they have defended their Facebook account.

But what if you did follow Facebook’s recommendation and gave them your mobile phone number to enhance your account’s security?

It should be your choice as to whether your phone number is connected with your Facebook profile, and whether someone can use one to find the other.

Even if you altered your privacy settings to ensure that your phone number is only visible to you, other people can still use it to look you up.

The solution is to enter another section of Facebook’s privacy settings called “How you connect”.

Even though I stopped playing over a year ago, I still have lots of Facebook friends as a result.Keep in mind, she’s not a security pro and can barely spell HTML.To see her concerns about what you are about to read will surely evoke some emotion: WTF FACEBOOK!To have tighter control over your phone number, and limit those who can perform a reverse look-up against your number, you will need to change that setting to “Friend of friends” or “Friends only”.Of course, this will also mean that the same privacy settings apply to the email address you use on Facebook.

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If you enter someone’s phone number into the search box on Facebook, the site can perform a reverse look-up and tell you who the phone number belongs to.

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