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There's never been any kind of specification about where V3 takes place, only vague names like "the state" and "the nation." Kirumi was also selected to be the bodyguard of the "head" of the nation.

Perhaps the future of V3 has a One World Order ruled by a single leader.

They take those who society fears because they possess talent and bring them to the school with the intent of training them to use that talent to help mankind ala the Xavier Institute from X-Men. We know we are dealing with prison, but since the previous theory that the students are SHSL Criminals was jossed, the truth might be that the group is stuck there, because they used their talents to commit crimes.

For example: Tsumugi might have disguised herself to commit an assault, Miu might make killing machines, Himiko for thievery using illusionism, Maki might be a serial killer that uses kids as victim or bait and so on.

will end with Naegi going back in time to prevent the Despairing Incident from happening.

Because the characters seem to be in juvenile detention, I believe they all will have criminal talents- e.g., an Ultimate Hacker, Street Racer, Cultist, Con Artist, etc.

The creators did cite Given that they were from Class 74, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the two had a child before the final killing game.

The maid girl also appears to have gray hair, and if she's an Ultimate Maid she would have a similar talent to Chisa's.

As the title implies, the three characters we have seen so far are not in fact the player character.

There isn't much evidence to back this u except that one of Robokoto's argument's looks like it is getting destroyed in a trailer, and that including him there is a second character with an ahoge.

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In a future following The Tragedy, humanity still remembers who was responsible.

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