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Before you start thinking that I’m about to announce my foray into an open marriage, I have to apologize – it really isn’t that interesting. I started choosing from her debut album , and instantly was taken back to the summer of 2002.

I won’t rehash the story, but you can catch up here.

After a year that was marked with over-working, stress, and sickness, Homie Lover Friend and I have recommitted ourselves to all things fun and forward-moving in our relationship.

Instead of hopping out of bed to work on the laptop on a Saturday morning, we gon’ snuggle up.

Things within and outside of my control have tried to siphon the intimacy out of my relationship at various points, but as soon as the lack is recognized, it needs to be addresed.

For me, I love to think back to what made everything feel magical, and work to recreate that – hence my vow to start dating this year.

But while she had Beyonce’s producers for her second album, she didn’t have Bey’s success.

Though , which didn’t sell well at all thanks to a lack of radio support.

That summer of 2002 – the summer when I met and started dating Homie Lover Friend – was one of the most fun, romantic, and enchanted summers of my life. Where does it go after 3 years of dating, an amicable break that turned into an ugly break-up (taking a “break” is a fallacy, y’all), 2 years apart, a reconciliation, 3 more years of dating, an engagement, a wedding, and now this special Bonnie & Clyde thing we’ve got goin’ on now?

It was like I had my own personal Tinkerbell on my shoulder who sprinkled every day with fairydust, and left a trail of stardust every night. It might be easy for some to say that the magic fades – but I realized that after all the ups and downs, the magic is what got us and keeps us here.

I think it’s crucial for people in long-term relationships to remember what attracted and bonded you to each other in the first place. The anticipation of date nights and looking forward to spending quality time together. A hand on the small of your back as you walked through a crowd together?

That magic quotient (along with my lingerie ownership and likelihood that your call will get sent to voicemail if I’m…busy) is on the rise y’all.

We’ve talked many a time about people we used to jam to in the music industry who didn’t go as far and become as big of staples in said industry as we thought they would. It could have been that their sound just wasn’t all that, or that their look wasn’t HOT enough (no crotch shots, no love) for the mainstream, but you won’t find these people with near as many fans as say a Drake or a Rihanna has today.

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Oh, my friends – dates will be had and all will be well. Checking in with yourself and each other is crucial.

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